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Social media marketing is the most integral part of your brand promotion to establish supreme market position and outrun the niche competitors. Implementation of white hat SEO is a time consuming process and will take time to produce results. However, time is the most crucial factor affecting your business. Some other traditional promotional methods are extremely expensive and may be difficult for the small and new business owners to afford them. Eyeing all these facts, MarketingTen team offers a range of products and packages to the business owners, at the most competitive prices that guarantee quick results without any sort of risk factor. We offer marketing campaign at affordable prices to increase the visibility of your major social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube etc. Use our services to raise your visibility on these social networking and social sharing websites will help you to gain an excellent market and strong follower base within a fast time range.

100% SAFE

No automated software or unfair means are employed in our marketing strategies for your social media accounts. All packages you purchase from MarketingTen are completely safe. These packages help you to raise your profile and website visibility among the niche audiences without using any sort of black hat practices that can harm your account. Our services are designed to raise your brand value in the market. Plus that we maintain complete privacy about your personal information. So your customers and competitors will never know how you built your online presence so effectively.


Abstaining from the implementation of unfair means using software or automated bots to deliver the likes and adding fake followers owning dormant accounts, we deliver all products with active social media profile owners only. Our methods are genuine and effective with the highest standards in the industry. Our ever-increasing network of real time social media enthusiasts are genuine buyers interested in purchasing lot of products from various niches. It is our sincere effort to bring these buyers and the business owners on the single platform to help our clients.


MarketingTen extends complete customer support to all our clients equally 24/7 so that you benefit the most out of the packages you purchase from us. All queries and problems are resolved within the earliest possible time. They are quick in receiving orders and confirming the deliverance of the likes, followers and other products. We maintain continuous communication through emails with our clients to extend our support and cooperation. Apart from these, we keep sending valuable information and package offers that can be of much benefit to them.

Our Commitments

  • Fast Service

    Recognizing the importance of time in your business success, we make sure that all products are processed within 24 hours of receiving the payments and we always work hard to ensure you receive the services on time.
  • Satisfaction

    Ensuring complete satisfaction to all our clients through effective solution provisions is our primary goal. Our executives leverage great efforts to enhance the visibility of your social media profiles so that you can benefit the most out of them.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Functioning on strict business ethics, we offer 100% refund to all our clients in case of failure in deliverance of the results as per the commitment. So with us you simply can’t lose.