How does advertising work in a fragmented, digitalized world? What makes your target group tick? What does the customer journey look like? What marketing channels offer the greatest potential for your company? How can you advance your digital transformation project and how digitally mature is your business in general? I am here to help you answer these exact questions and tackle the challenges of today’s marketing landscape. I will guide you through a structured approach: from analysis and strategy development to implementation, continuous optimization and reporting.


Are you keen to establish long-lasting customer loyalty with content marketing?
I provide assistance every step of the way, from the audit and the conceptual phase, through to implementation and evaluation.
Find out today what makes a successful content marketing campaign and how you can use them to achieve your company’s goals.
Would you like to reach your target group with relevant content and win new customers? Or strengthen your relationship with your brand’s existing fans? Content marketing enables you to boost your digital presence with high-quality, appealing content.
And this is exactly where I come in: I’ll assist you with everything from the initial audit and concept development through to the implementation and evaluation. I understand that effective content marketing doesn’t end once the concept has been defined, which is why I also help my clients regularly assess and adapt their content marketing campaigns.


Joint assessment of requirements and definition of central questions prior to the workshop.

Kick-off workshop 
I lay down the groundwork for your content marketing strategy in collaboration with the entire team involved in the creation of your content.

Industry and competition audit
I carry out an analysis of the possibilities and identify formats and content that could resonate positively with your target group. I’ll also take a good look at your existing content.

Content marketing concept
I draw up individualized guidelines, content categories and suggested measures, and help you to define meaningful KPIs.

Search engine optimization
I make sure your content is created with search machines in mind so that it achieves the best possible reach. I’ll also help you define a customized link-building strategy for your content marketing initiatives.

Implementation plan
I plan a customized editorial process, ensure measurability and set up your reporting dashboard. If you like, I’ll also organize the creation of your content.

Editorial guidance
I provide inspiration and motivation through regular editorial meetings. I can even manage your editorial processes, from the brainstorming through to content production.